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A Premium repair for a premium shoe

premium brand specialists

We service all premium brands, gents and ladies

Designer Sneakers repair

we can repair those $1,000 dollar sneakers so you can get some more use from them

Add Some Cushion and repair your shoes

Tired of wearing shoes that hurt your feet! We can fix that with SVIG micro foam rubber

We Love Our Work

Marlow Shoe Repair has been training new apprentices for 30 years, so we may continue our tradition of fine craftsmanship to the next generation

Shoe care specialists

We cater to a wide range of your shoe and leather repair needs. Call today with any questions you may have about shoe repair, bag repair, bag refinishing, leather jacket repair and restoration.

Shoe care supplies

We stock a full range of shoe care supplies including polish, lotions and laces. Everything to keep your shoes looking new.

Leather and bag Repair

Aside from fixing shoes, we are a full leather care facility with cleaning and refinishing done in house. hand bags are repaired as well as other goods.

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9 Generations of master shoe makers have led to our ability to repair anything you can throw at us

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Latest blog and news on shoe repair and related products

Leather 1/2 sole and heels, SVIG, Allen edmonds

Leather 1/2 soles and heels

Leather is a scarce commodity these days, most shoes in stores today have rubber or composite soles. Some shoes even use compressed leather pulp (cardboard) for soles. we can restore...

Christian Louboutin red rubber using SVIG

Christian Louboutin done right

These shoes are delicate, there is no way around it. We have a patent pending solution. No one has a more precise merger of leather and rubber, and we mean...

Gucci driving shoe

Gucci driving shoe conversion

Luxury driving shoes are great for driving but not much else, you spend $600 usd on a pair of Gucci or LV slippers and after 6 wears they have a...


Team spirit!

Foot ball season is upon us once again, This client is showing their team spirit by having us wrap their shoes for the games.


Shoe stretch is back in stock!

As you may already know it has been a few months that retail shoe stretch bottles have been discontinued due to some odd manufacturing issues.  We have been able to secure...


Calf Extension

Most boots on the market today are designed by people who have never worn a boot in their lives. You see, 93% of all ladies fashion shoes and boots are designed...


Designer Shoes

Your designer shoes are not meant to be worn daily. We can change that  


christian louboutin

christian louboutin shoes are not for everyday, But we can change that! We use the finest red rubber to give your shoes the edge they should have had to begin...